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Welcome to CreativeWebsite. We design, build and host websites for small start up companies.

We don't rely on complex content management systems, templated designs or overpriced updates. Our websites are affordable and scalable, which means your business gets a functional, fantastic looking web presence for a small investment with the potential to take it further in the future.

We are locally owned and operated out of Westport, New Zealand and look forward to working with you and
creating the best looking website for your company.










Listed below is a section of our most recent website projects.

Aquacare AHC Ltd

AHC Aquacare came to us looking for a website redesign, with all the trimmings. They had all the content ready, and a functional Client Ordering system. We built on this and came up with an exciting, modern look and feel.

Christchurch Obstetric Associates

Christchurch Obstetric Associates needed a site that was easy to use, fast, and given the quantity of information - readable. We were successful in this and COA has become one of our most visited websites with over 500 unique hits a month.

Dr. Catherine E Grueber

Dr Catherine E Grueber was looking for a simple one page website which showcased her PhD work. Catherine was also looking for something creative and a website that stood out from the rest.

James Gardener

James was looking for a website that showcased his work more than anything else. We developed a seemingly simple layout that drawers the user into his work and not the website itself. We also added functionality to let James update and control the website as he adds new work.

Rees Software

Rees Software needed a website that reflected their place in the Business Software market. Their website is responsive, slick and user friendly. We also incorporated many modern website development features as demonstrated on the
Product Page > View Gallery and Try For Free > Contact form.

Christchurch Star - Homeshow

The Star Home Show website is updated yearly and is built in such a way which makes these updates quick and affordable. Its also very easy to use for users with a wide range of skill sets.


We have made a huge effort in making sure you get the best value for your investment. From experience and research into what clients actually want from a website we have come up with exciting and unique features to take your business to the next level. We have listed these below.

Contact Form Locale

In today's world spam is a problem few companies know how to deal with. One way we have come up to combat this is to bar requested countries from sending mail through the contact form. Advanced IP filtering makes this possible, and keeps your email box free of pesky spam mail.

Chunky - Content Management System

Our Content Management System has been developed from the ground up to provide the simplest user experience possible. It puts you in control of very specific areas of the website.


Is your marketing campaign working? There is only one way to know for sure, that's via Google Analytics. Googles system is second to none and gives you all the information you need from your visitors.

Adwords Advertising

An initial investment into google adwords has a proven track record of getting your website high on the google search list. The advantage of this cannot be understated, especially for a start up company looking to break into a saturated market.


More and more, websites are being viewed on mobile devices. A lot of the time this is to access information such as address', open hours and contact numbers. With every website we do, we offer a mobile view that shows this information first for mobile users. They will then also be presented with full website following this information.


We contract to some of the best photographers in the in industry, to show all your business has to offer. Consider professional photos as part of your marketing budget today.


Drop us a line today and we'll show you why we are the best choice for you, and your company.






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